One Room in Mashhad by Mohammadi Ramin Mohammadi

One Room In Mashhad By Mohammadi with Ramin Mohammadi

Mashhad, Iran
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It is a two-bedroom simple flat. I live alone and one room is assigned for my guests. I have carpets all over the place so you can sleep wherever you want; however, cushion beds, clean sheets, and a couch is available ! There is a great water park near our place and also a good cheap mall. public transportation is very good here and you could go wherever you want with bus. The room is suitable for two persons. I have no pets. Smoking allowed. I can provide you only breakfast. If I have time, I may be able to accompany you around for visiting the city.

فضای اقامتگاه

  • نوع اقامتگاه : آپارتمان
  • نوع اتاق : خصوصی
  • شهر : Mashhad
  • کشور : Iran


  • مجاز نیست سرویس اتاق
  • مجاز سیگار کشیدن
  • مجاز آشپزخانه


  • در شب : €20
  • قیمت هفتگی :€140
  • قیمت ماهانه :€600
  • هزینه امنیت : €50
  • لغو : اکید: % ۵۰ بازپرداخت تا ۱ هفته قبل از ورود، به جز هزینه


  • حداقل اقامت:روز (ها) 2
  • حداکثر اقامت:روز (ها) any
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درباره همراه شما

One Room in Mashhad by Mohammadi

I think I'm more or less normal person :) Love to travel when I have time. Music is important part of my life. I spend my free time with friends, hanging out, going to concerts, hiking... I'm a teacher but not working in the profession at the moment. I think learning about cultures and having a connection with the people are great adventures. The greatest pleasures of life can be the simplest.

Mashhad, ایران عضو ازDecember 2017

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