Kashan By Rahbari Amirabbas Rahbari

Kashan By Rahbari with Amirabbas Rahbari

Kashan, Iran
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درباره این فهرست

We have a house near to historical places where you can take a walk.Also, our guests will have a separate room just for themselves with clean facilities.Actually, there is just 1 bed but I can offer sleep equipment to have a great sleep. Our home is near to historical places so you can take a walk there.also, there is a bus station in front of our house, to go the central parts of the City. You will have the chance to eat/drink at the family table so you dont need to cook or prepare food for yourself. My mom is interested in the new recipe. My sister and me are English teachers

فضای اقامتگاه

  • نوع اقامتگاه : خانه/ ویلا
  • نوع اتاق : خصوصی
  • شهر : Kashan
  • کشور : Iran


  • مجاز نیست سرویس اتاق
  • مجاز نیست سیگار کشیدن
  • مجاز نیست آشپزخانه


  • در شب : €10
  • قیمت هفتگی :€70
  • قیمت ماهانه :€300
  • لغو : اکید: % ۵۰ بازپرداخت تا ۱ هفته قبل از ورود، به جز هزینه


  • حداقل اقامت:روز (ها) 1
  • حداکثر اقامت:روز (ها) 4
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درباره همراه شما

Kashan By Rahbari

I do care about respect to others. Actually respecting each other is extremely prominent to me. As a matter of fact, I would love to exchange my experiences and get to know about other cultures or languages. I'm really into know how our culture is different from others. It's a bit hard to describe myself but all in all, I do care about being clean and organized.Also, I'm crazy about learning new things like new language, recipe,...

Kashan, ایران عضو ازJanuary 2018

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