Host and tours in Kashan Alireza Ghavami

Host And Tours In Kashan with Alireza Ghavami

Kashan, Iran
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My homestay service is includes the following service shower,laundry,transfer,city tour,limited wifi(from 8 am till 11 am) and a comfort bed And also except the city tour,I can help you to go to desert,Abyaneh and underground city of nushabad and the prices of tours are different from homestay service.for abyaneh and fin garden,it costs 100.000 toman=25 euros totally per car. For desert,it'll cost 35 euros =140.000 tomantotally per car. And tours are with a local guide who can speak english as well..

فضای اقامتگاه

  • نوع اقامتگاه : خانه/ ویلا
  • نوع اتاق : خصوصی
  • شهر : Kashan
  • کشور : Iran


  • مجاز سرویس اتاق
  • مجاز سیگار کشیدن
  • مجاز آشپزخانه


  • در شب : €17
  • قیمت هفتگی :€119
  • قیمت ماهانه :€510
  • هزینه امنیت : €0
  • هزینه تمیز کردن : €2
  • لغو : انعطاف پذیر: بازپرداخت کامل ۱ روز قبل از ورود، به جز هزینه


  • حداقل اقامت:روز (ها) 1
  • حداکثر اقامت:روز (ها) 3
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Host and tours in Kashan

My name is alireza and i'm an official tour guide in kashan.. My services include laundry,shower,a comfort bed with clean stuff,limited wifi(from 8 am till 11 am) transfer and a city tour to sightseeings inside city just only with 17 euros per night per person. You can contact me via this number in whatsapp and telegram:(+98)9162868629 Thanks

Kashan, ایران عضو ازJune 2017

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