Hamedan By Farshian Mahdi Farshian

Hamedan By Farshian with Mahdi Farshian

Hamedan, Iran
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درباره این فهرست

We can host one to two guest for several night in our flat that is located in the best and highest neighborhood in Hamedan. We have two bedrooms in our house and our guest can stay at one of them individually. Kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and toilet are shared. Any help and advices to have a nice and inexpensive tour in Hamedan is welcomed, and if I was free you would have a tour guide free of charge. It would be our pleasure if our guests try some Iranian dishes with us.

فضای اقامتگاه

  • نوع اقامتگاه : آپارتمان
  • نوع اتاق : به اشتراک گذاشته شده
  • شهر : Hamedan
  • کشور : Iran


  • مجاز نیست سرویس اتاق
  • مجاز نیست سیگار کشیدن
  • مجاز آشپزخانه


  • در شب : €35
  • قیمت هفتگی :€245
  • قیمت ماهانه :€1050
  • لغو : انعطاف پذیر: بازپرداخت کامل ۱ روز قبل از ورود، به جز هزینه


  • حداقل اقامت:روز (ها) 1
  • حداکثر اقامت:روز (ها) 30
  • مشاهده تقویم

درباره همراه شما

Hamedan By Farshian

I think I am like most Persian, hospitable, calm , easy going and proud of Iran's history, its special culture, its great biodiversity with brilliant scenery, great philosopher as well as poets. and of course enthused to help non-Iranian nations learn some more about our land.

Hamedan, ایران عضو ازDecember 2017

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