Cosy Apartment  in Shiraz Saba Far

Cosy Apartment In Shiraz with Saba Far

Shiraz, Iran
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درباره این فهرست

Dear future guests , nice to meet u and welcome to Shiraz in advance.I will be more than happy to rent my home to tourists.Its located in the best location and has 2 bedrooms.1 single bed and another double bed.I can offer you tea and Iranian sweets for free.I can also be your guide in Shiraz and hold tours for Persepolis . If u don't wanna stay at my home I will be happy to meet u up and have a chat together.

فضای اقامتگاه

  • نوع اقامتگاه : آپارتمان
  • نوع اتاق : خصوصی
  • شهر : Shiraz
  • کشور : Iran


  • مجاز سرویس اتاق
  • مجاز نیست سیگار کشیدن
  • مجاز نیست آشپزخانه


  • در شب : €40
  • قیمت هفتگی :€280
  • قیمت ماهانه :€1200
  • لغو : معتدل : بازپرداخت کامل ۵ روز قبل از ورود، به جز هزینه


  • حداقل اقامت:روز (ها) 2
  • حداکثر اقامت:روز (ها) 4
  • مشاهده تقویم

درباره همراه شما

Cosy Apartment  in Shiraz

Hi.this is Saba from Shiraz...iran ...nice to meet u and welcome to shiraz in advance.I rent my home for tourists....Its located in the best location and has 2 bedrooms...1 single bed and another double bed...with internet and breakfast....the price for 1 person for 1 night is 20 euros.....i can offer u tea and iranian sweets for free and also show u the city for free... here is my number:00989038211887...u can text me on whatsapp. Telegram or call me

Shiraz , ایران عضو ازJuly 2017

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