Iransguest Challenge for Payment-Gateway

Payment Challenge

One of the biggest challenges facing airbnb company entering Iran is the payment gateway.

Visa and Mastercards or in general the western credit cards are in no use when travelling to Iran, except view hotels that accept such but charge high fees on your credit card.

Even though Iranian government would start introducing foreign payment methods it would take long time till people in rural areas could eventually open an international account in order to be able to accept foreign currency payments.

Many people in rural areas in Iran do not even have a local account.

Knowing about this huge challenge and the fact that there is gap as well as an opportunity, started to integrate foreign payment gateway for tourists and backpackers for them to be able to pay via various methods, such as credit card, Paypal, Neteller etc at the same time staying in contact with the hosts local bank to be able to transfer the amount in Iranian Rials to the host.

This method has been working for both sides without an issue. Still , would like to expand his network to rural areas and has started to recruit local business development advisers in Iran for them to be able to first attract locals or hosts in rural area as well as helping them to open a local account.

The security and safety of many travellers to have a reserved place once they land in Iran has been guaranteed through payment gateway and regulation that all parties Iransguest and host and tourists are respecting.

The company is working towards a an API integration into his system where an instant bank transfer to the hosts account will be possible. The good think about is the fact that they provide an international payment method for their clients outside Iran.

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