First Iranian Airbnb welcomes Tourists

First Iranian Airbnb welcomes Tourists

You may have asked yourself how comes there is no airbnb in Iran and what are reasons behind this fact. You may have asked also where the average tourists stay in Iran , in which cities and if they all book hotels or hostels.

The answer is easy and short to the above questions.

Airbnb is very much global and entered many countries but with Iran it is very much risky due to its payment system. Iranian payment system is very special and unique at the same time.

Airbnb would not risk his own business and reputation to enter a country where the payment system is still not fully connected to the outside world of Iran. Interestingly enough there are companies like which specifically found this as a challenge and focused their attention to solve that issue. The company is the only operational company that successfully offers an airbnb style business in Iran, with focus Iran, only.

Tourists and mostly backpackers are faced with the issue of not knowing where to sleep and their budget is completely different than other type of tourists who have business men among them. It is important to notice that there are some hostels in Iran that are offering prices at Eur 30 or  Eur 35 but it is not certain to know about the availability and 100% reservation confirmation, since there are not any credit card acceptance in Iran for these operating hostels in order to receive a 100% reservation confirmation via credit card, paypal, netter or any other well know payment gateway or payment systems.

Isfahan and Shiraz are among the most visited cities in Iran and Iran has not been able to handle the influx of tourist during the last 3-4 years in both cities.

Knowing that airbnb is not willing to make any move for the time being to enter Iranian market, the company continues to attract more and more properties from all over Iran and the same time the number of tourists using the only airbnb style in Iran is increasing.

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